Marami siguro ang nakakaalam sainyo na nitong kailan lang ay bumili ako ng bagong sasakyan… Sobrang saya ko kaya ishinare ko agad sa Instagram ko ang picture ng bago kong sasakyan… Ang saya ko kase after 3 years eh nasundan ko na rin yung una kong van na binili… :) Nung makita ko yung…

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     Kalalaking tao. Ang daming arte. Pssh.

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     ”I’m going to crush that shit! i’m gonna tore that asshole apart! i’m gonna kill him/her! i’m gonna tear his/her fuckin’ head off!”

These are the things that I hear from some of my friends (both men and women) whenever they get jealous and I really don’t get why they feel such degree of anger just because of simple things.

     I remember one time, a friend of mine caught one of our classmates talking to his girlfriend and he was like, "Someone stop me or I’ll make him regret that he lived."

 I just stared at him. I mean, they were just talking. They weren’t kissing or having sex… well.. we’re in a classroom so that’d be gross but you get my point.

     I was actually laughing at them whenever they get pissed with these simple things that really mean nothing.. Now.. I think I should laugh at myself.

     I have this friend of mine, (shit. ‘t was hard to type that one.) and we had been close since I could remember… and last week… I realized that I’m in love.

     They were just talking… just merely talking… and they were teasing… and they were laughing… and… damn. Why am I jealous?! I :( Crap. Just CRAP.

     I guess love is like “Call of Nature”. One moment you feel fine and the next thing you know, you feel like you just want to shit out. You don’t know what to blame. Maybe something you ate. But why now? I don’t even know if I’m still making sense here. It’s just that… oh fuck. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Damn. Maybe I should change the title to